The EmPower Hour Speaker Series
In these 50-minute sessions participants have an opportunity to engage with thought leaders, industry experts and successful individuals who will share their insight, practical advice and tips to educate, encourage and empower! Our speakers include Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, Executive Coaches, Professors, Authors and Others.

The virtual, yet intimate, sessions focus on many of the prominent topics affecting Latinas in their personal lives, careers and businesses. Topics range from career management, to finances and health, and much more! Sessions held on the first Monday of every month.

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The Art of
Saying No
Ann Thomas
Certified Life Coach
& Founder of
Evolving Goddess
June 2012
The Positive 
Side of Rejection
Marisa Rivera
Founder & President of
MPowerment Works
August 2012
Shattering The
Glass Ceiling
Azucena Maldonado
Founder of the
Latina Golfers Association
July 2012
Leading The Next
Cristy Clavijo-Kish
Founder of
Los Tweens
September 2012
Staying Fit 
In A Busy World
Alexandra Morbitzer
Founder of
Fit Latina
November 2012
Unleashing Your Genius
Gina Rudan
Founder of
Genuine Insights
December 2012
(Spoke At Annual Conference)
Presence: Exuding Confidence
Dineen Garcia
Vice President,
Diversity Strategies
October 2012
Cynthia Santiago
Founder of
Latina Wellness
January 2013
Tanya Odom
Executive Coach 
and Speaker
February 2013
Getting Money Savvy
Carmen Wong Ulrich
Money Expert
March 2013
The Art of Negotiation
Yasmin Davidds
Founder of
Latina Leadership Academy
June 2013
(Spoke At Annual Conference)
The Collective Power of Woman
Carol Evans
President of
Working Mother Media
August 2013

From Network To Social Capital
Rosanna Durruthy
Chief Diversity Officer
July 2013
Maximizing Your Potential
Deborah Deras
Productivity & Leadership Expert
September 2013
Authoring Your Life
Rosa Walsh
Career Coach for
The Handel Group
May 2013
Managing Your Career
Rod Colon
Rod Colon Consulting
April 2013
Creating Powerful Relationships
Lisa Velazquez
Founder of
Lisa Talks Love
October 2013
Leading The Next
Generation of Men
Ariel Guerrero
Founder of
Young Americans For Change
November 2013
Secrets To Making Your Goals Stick
Sarah Welch
Co-Founder of
Buttoned Up
December  2013
Valuing Your 
Luly B!
Speaker, Entrepreneur & Author
January  2014
The Key to Success  
Valerie Grillo
Chief Diversity Officer
American Express
February 2014
Success In Higher Education
Silvia Mazzula
John Jay College
March 2014
Securing Your Financial Future
Stacy Francis
Francis Financial & 
Savvy Ladies
April 2014
Strategies & Insights on Leadership
Magda Yrizarry
Chief Diversity Officer
May 2014
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Strategies for
LinkedIn Success
Susan Tabor-Kleiman
Your Professional Writer
July 2014
Is Our Cultura
Killing Us?
Maripili Rodriguez
Diet to Lifestyle
August 2014
The Inner Culture
Of A Woman
Lisa Duggan
Founder & CEO,
The Modern Village
September 2014
Getting to Gravitas:
Powerful Presence for Female Executives
Raleigh Mayer
Executive Presence & Leadership Coach
Raleigh Mayer Consulting
October 2014
Turning Your Ideas Into Income
Ebong Eka
Financial Expert & CPA
November 2014
Setting Goals:
Realistic Planning
Marsh Haygood
Empowerment Coach
StepWise Associates
December 2014
Your Giant for
Anna Maria Chavez
Girl Scouts USA
June 2014
(Spoke At Annual Conference)
The Seventh Annual Latina 
and Leadership
June 5, 2017
New York City
Eventbrite - Seventh Annual Empowerment and Leadership Conference
Getting Past Adversity
Olga Lucia Torres
Speaker & Attorney
January 2015
Self Doubt
Joyce Roche
Author & Former CEO, 
Girls Inc.
Empress Has No Clothes
February 2015
Eventbrite - The EmPower Hour With Simon T. Bailey
Join Us Virtually for a Discussion on
Unleashing Your Brilliance
Simon T. Bailey
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The Power Of
 Your Story 
Michelle Herrera Mulligan
Editor In Chief, 
Cosmo For Latinas
March 2015
The Four P's
of Public Speaking
Tara Jay Frank
Hallmark Executive and Say YES Author
April 2015
Everything It Takes Is Everything You Have
Gloria Rodriguez
Founder of DeAlmas Women's Institute
May 2015
Step Into 
Your Power
Elizabeth DeLeon
New York State Deputy Secretary of Labor
June 2015
(Annual Conference)
Paths To Proper Financial Planning
Manny Martinez
Financial Advisor
Strategies for Wealth
July 2015
Wealth Is In The Mindset
Ivy Slater
Founder of
Slater Success Coaching
August 2015
Disrupting The 
Status Quo
Vicky Ayala 
Branding Strategist
January 2016

Adjusting Your
Lucia Ballas Traynor 
Media Executive
September 2015
Creating Your 
Own Lane
Vanessa K. De Luca
Editor In Chief
Essence Magazine
October 2015
Crafting Your
 Personal Narrative
Gabriela Pereira
November 2015
Unleashing Your Full Potential
Daisy Auger Dominguez
Global Head of 
Diversity Staffing
December 2015
April Hernandez Castillo
Actress and
February 2016

Controlling Your Emotions at Work
Pat David
Chief Diversity Officer
JPMorgan Chase
April 2016

Self Made
Nely Galán
Author and Entrepreneur
May 2016
Disruptive Leadership
Daisy Auger Dominguez
Global Head of 
Diversity Staffing, 
June 2016
​(conference keynote)
Serving On A
Corporate Board
Sheila Ronning
Women In The Boardroom
July 2016
Strategies for
Overcoming Fear
Jessica Malavez
Life Coach & Speaker
August 2016

Career Progression
Eric Di Monte
Corporate Recruiter
March 2016
Using Your Voice As Your Most Powerful Tool
Tabby Biddle
Leadership Coach
November 2016
​From Resolutions to "Real" Solutions
Minue Yoshida
Professional Coach
Yoshida Consulting
December 2016
Building A Network
That Matters
Yai Vargas
The Latinista
January 2017
Self Care: The Foundation of Success
Jessica Palacios
Program Officer
February 2017
Crushing The Fears & Fallacies of Investing
Sallie Krawcheck
CEO & Co-Founder
March 2017
Corporate Summer Dressing
Jane Whitton
Banana Republic
April 2017
Unleashing Your Brilliance
Simon T. Bailey
CEO of Simon T. Bailey International
May 2017